Antarctic Taxa

all Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 72° 26' 00.0" S Longitude 169° 57' 00.0" E )

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Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name Observations
Acarospora flavocordia Castello & Nimis Observations
Acarospora gwynnii Observations
Acarospora sp. Observations
Amandinea petermannii (Hue) Matzer, H,Mayrhofer & Scheid. Observations
Amphora sp. Observations
Aptenodytes forsteri Gray, 1844 Emperor Penguin Observations
Bacidia fibrosa Lamb Observations
Bacidia sp. Observations
Beltraminia rudolphi (Dodge) Dodge Observations
Beltraminia stipitata Dodge Observations
Blastenia grisea Dodge & Baker Observations
Blastenia sp. Observations
Blastenia sparsa Murray Observations
Bryonora castanea (Hepp.) Poelt Observations
Bryum argenteum Hedw. Observations
Bryum cf. pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn., Meyer & Scherb. Observations
Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn., Meyer & Scherb. Observations
Bryum sp. Observations
Bryum subrotundifolium Jaeger Observations
Bryum urbanskyi Broth. Observations
Buellia cf. frigida Darb. Observations
Buellia chrysea Dodge & Baker Observations
Buellia evanescens Darb. Observations
Buellia falklandica Darb. Observations
Buellia frigida Darb. Observations
Buellia grisea Dodge & Baker Observations
Buellia pallida Dodge & Baker Observations
Buellia pernigra Darb. Observations
Buellia sp. Observations
Buellia subtegens Murray Observations
Caloplaca athallina Darb. Observations
Caloplaca cf. frigida Observations
Caloplaca cf. isidioclada Observations
Caloplaca cf. saxicola (Hoffm.) Nordin Observations
Caloplaca citrina (Hoffm.) Th.Fr. Observations
Caloplaca lewis-smithii Sochting & Ovst. Observations
Caloplaca saxicola (Hoffm.) Nordin. Observations
Caloplaca schofieldi Dodge Observations
Caloplaca sp. Observations
Candelaria murrayi Poelt Observations
Candelariella flava (CW Dodge & Baker) Castello & Nimis Observations
Candelariella sp. Observations
Carbonea vorticosa (Fl¿rke) Hertel Observations
Ceratodon purpureus Dixon, 1914 Observations
cf. Lecidea sp. Observations
Coccorhagida gressitti Mite Observations
Coccorhagidia gressitti Mite Observations
Coccorhagidia gressitti Observations
Cryptopygus cisantarcticus Wise, 1967 Springtail Observations
Didymodon sp. Observations
Eupodes wisei Mite Observations
Fragilariopsis cf. curta Observations
Fragilariopsis sp. Observations
Friesea grisea Sch¿ffer Springtail Observations
Gasparrinia adarensis Dodge Observations
Gasparrinia elegans Stein & Cohn Observations
Gymnodinium sp. Observations
Gyrodinium sp. Observations
Huea cf. cerussata Observations
Huea smaragdula Dodge Observations
Huea sp. Observations
Isotoma klovstadi Springtail Observations
Kuttlingeria rufa Dodge & Baker Observations
Kuttlingeria rutilans Dodge & Baker Observations
Lecania llanoi Dodge Observations
Lecania schofieldi Dodge Observations
Lecanora cf. orosthea Observations
Lecanora expectans Darb. Observations
Lecanora fuscobrunnea Dodge & Baker Observations
Lecanora lavae Darb. Observations
Lecanora mawsoni Dodge Observations
Lecanora mons-nivis Darb. Observations
Lecanora orosthea Ach. Observations
Lecanora physciella (Darb.) Hertel Observations
Lecanora physciella var. sorediata (Darb.) Hertel; Ovst. Observations
Lecanora subolivacea Dodge & Baker Observations
Lecidea acerviformis Murray Observations
Lecidea andersonii Observations
Lecidea cancriformis CW Dodge & GE Baker Observations
Lecidea harrissoni Dodge Observations
Lecidea mcleani Dodge Observations
Lecidea siplei Observations
Lecidea sp. Observations
Lecidea stancliffi Dodge & Baker Observations
Lecidella siplei (Dodge & Baker) M. Inoue Observations
Leproloma cacuminum (Massal.) Laundon Observations
Lichen sp. Observations
Mastodia mawsoni Dodge Observations
Maudheimia petronia Mite Observations
Nanorchestes antarcticus Strandtmann. 1963 Mite Observations
Nanorchestes bellus Strandtmann & Somme, 1977 Observations
Nanorchestes lalae Strandtmann 1982 Observations
Omphalodina mcleani (Dodge) Dodge Observations
Omphalodina siplei Observations
Pagodroma nivea (Forster,1777) Snow Petrel Observations
Parmelia griseola Dodge & Baker Observations
Pertusaria sp. Observations
Physcia caesia (Hoffm.) F¿rnr. Observations
Physcia cf. caesia Observations
Physcia cf. dubia Observations
Physcia dubia (Hoffm.) Lynge Observations
Physcia llanoi Dodge Observations
Pleopsidium chlorophanum (Wahlenb.) Observations
Polycauliona murrayi Dodge Observations
Prasiola crispa (Lightf.) Menegh. Observations
Prasiola crispa subsp. antarctica (Kitzing) Knebel 1936 Observations
Protereunetes paulinae Mite Observations
Protoblastenia aurea Dodge & Baker Observations
Pseudephebe minuscula (Nyl. ex Arnold) Brodo & Hawksw. Observations
Pygoscelis adeliae (Hombron and Jacquinot,1841) Adelie Penguin Observations
Rhinonyssus schelli Tick Observations
Rhizocarpon flavum Dodge and Baker Observations
Rhizocarpon geminatum Korb. Observations
Rhizocarpon geographicum (L.) DC. Observations
Rhizocarpon schofieldi Dodge Observations
Rhizoplaca cf. mcleanii Observations
Rhizoplaca cf. melanophthalma Observations
Rhizoplaca melanophtalma (Ram.) Leuck & Poelt Observations
Rhizoplaca melanophthalma (DC.) Leuckert & Poelt Observations
Rhizoplaca sp. Observations
Rinodina fecunda Dodge Observations
Rinodina olivaceobrunnea Dodge & Baker Observations
Rinodina sordida Dodge & Baker Observations
Rinodina sp. Observations
Sarconeurum glaciale (C. Müll.) Card. & Bryhn Observations
Sarconeurum sp. Observations
Schistidium antarctici (Card.) L. Savic. & Smirn. Observations
Stephanoeca norrisii Thomsen, 1973 Observations
Stereotydeus belli Mite Observations
Stereotydeus punctatus Observations
Syntrichia princeps (De Not.) Mitt. Observations
Syntrichia sarconeurum Ochyra & R.H. Zander Observations
Tephromela atra (Huds.) Hafellner Observations
Tephromela cf. atra Observations
Thamnolecania mawsoni Dodge Observations
Toninia johnstoni Observations
Turgidosculum complicatulum (Nyl.) Kohlm. & E.Kohlm Observations
Tydeus setsukoae Mite Observations
Tydeus wadei Observations
Ulothrix implexa (Kutzing) Kutzing 1849 Observations
Umbilicaria aprina Nyl. Observations
Umbilicaria cristata Observations
Umbilicaria decussata (Vill.) Zahlbr. Observations
Umbilicaria rufidula Observations
Usnea antarctica Du Rietz. Observations
Usnea sp. Observations
Usnea sphacelata R. Br. Observations
Xanthoria candelaria (L.) Th. Fr. Observations
Xanthoria elegans (Link) Th. Fr. Observations
Xanthoria mawsonii Dodge Observations
Xanthoria siplei (Dodge & Baker) Dodge Observations
Xanthoria sp. Observations

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