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Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Ascomycota
Class Ascomycetes
Order Verrucariales
Family Verrucariaceae
Genus Verrucaria

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Verrucaria aethiobola Ach.
Verrucaria antarctica Dodge
Verrucaria bulgarica Szat.
Verrucaria ceuthocarpa Wahlenb.
Verrucaria ceutocarpa Wahlenb.
Verrucaria cf. aethiobola
Verrucaria cf. ditmarsica Erichsen
Verrucaria cf. durietzii
Verrucaria cf. elaeoplaca
Verrucaria cf. interrupta
Verrucaria chlorotica Ach.
Verrucaria congestula Strn
Verrucaria cylindrophora Vain
Verrucaria dermoplaca Nyl.
Verrucaria dispartita Vain
Verrucaria durietzii
Verrucaria elaeoplaca Vain.
Verrucaria famelica Darb.
Verrucaria halizoa Leighton
Verrucaria insueta Nyl.
Verrucaria kerguelina Nyl.
Verrucaria maura Wahlenb.
Verrucaria mawsonii CWDodge
Verrucaria mucosa Wahlenb.
Verrucaria muralis Ach.
Verrucaria obfuscata
Verrucaria praevalesens Nyl.
Verrucaria psychrophila M. Lamb
Verrucaria psycrophila Lamb
Verrucaria racovitzae Vain.
Verrucaria serpuloides M. Lamb
Verrucaria siplei Dodge
Verrucaria sp.
Verrucaria tesselatula Nyl.
Verrucaria tesselatula f. dermoplaca Nyl.; (Nyl.) M. Lamb
Verrucaria tesselatula var. maura Nyl.
Verrucaria umbilicata ┬┐vstedal.
Verrucaria umbilicata vst. sp. nov.