Transport details

Thala Dan

Ship Details

Official Ship Name Thala Dan
Call sign OWRX
Expedition capacity 50
Crew capacity
Fuel type

Bunker oil

Fuel capacity 400 tonnes
Length (overall) 81 m
Breadth (overall) 13.72 m
Draft (overall) 6.275 m
Gross tonnage tonnes
Normal sea speed knots
Ice Class Lloyds 100 A1 Ice Class 1

Cargo hold
Helicopter deck

Other comments Built in 1957. Main engine Burmeister & Wain 2020 IHP

©AAD, Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 1961
Catalogue id
Newton, Geoffrey (Geoff)

Voyage List

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1957/58 V1   7-Dec-1957 to 28-Dec-1957   Phillip Garth Law   Changeovervoyage  
1957/58 V2   3-Jan-1958 to 19-Mar-1958   Phillip Garth Law    
1958/59 V1   26-Nov-1958 to 18-Dec-1958   Donald Franklin Styles   Relief  
1958/59 V2   26-Dec-1958 to 3-Mar-1959   Donald Franklin Styles   Relief  
1959/60 V1   17-Dec-1959 to 1-Jan-1960   Richard Hugh John Thompson   Relief  
1959/60 V3   8-Jan-1960 to 19-Mar-1960   Donald Franklin Styles    
1960/61 V3   5-Jan-1961 to 22-Mar-1961   Donald Franklin Styles    
1961/62 V1   1-Dec-1961 to 18-Dec-1961   Phillip Garth Law    
1961/62 V2   22-Dec-1961 to 8-Mar-1962   Phillip Garth Law    
1962/63 V1   30-Nov-1962 to 16-Dec-1962   Walter Leonard Jones    
1962/63 V2   21-Dec-1962 to 11-Mar-1963   Donald Franklin Styles    
1964/65 V3   8-Jan-1965 to 20-Feb-1965   Donald Franklin Styles    
1965/66 V3   10-Jan-1966 to 1-Mar-1966   Donald Franklin Styles    
1966/67 V3   6-Jan-1967 to 23-Feb-1967   Francis Patrick McMahon    
1967/68 V3   8-Jan-1968 to 11-Feb-1968   Francis Patrick McMahon    
1968/69 V3   13-Jan-1969 to 1-Mar-1969   Roy Gordon Spratt    
1969/70 V4   27-Jan-1970 to 7-Mar-1970   Geoffrey Denys Probyn Smith    
1970/71 V3   15-Jan-1971 to 23-Feb-1971   Geoffrey Denys Probyn Smith    
1971/72 V3   7-Jan-1972 to 12-Feb-1972   Donald Franklin Styles    
1972/73 V3   11-Jan-1973 to 13-Feb-1973   Graeme William McKinnon    
1973/74 V3   7-Jan-1974 to 14-Feb-1974   Desmond James Lugg    
1974/75 V3   10-Jan-1975 to 12-Feb-1975   Frank A Smith    
1975/76 V3   10-Jan-1976 to 13-Feb-1976   Desmond James Lugg    
1976/77 V3   1-Feb-1977 to 9-Mar-1977   William Francis Young    
1976/77 V5   10-Mar-1977 to 22-Mar-1977   Mr. William Young    
1977/78 V3   10-Jan-1978 to 13-Feb-1978   Thomas Joseph Petry    
1978/79 V3   19-Jan-1979 to 19-Feb-1979   William Francis Young    
1979/80 V4   30-Jan-1980 to 5-Mar-1980   Alfred (Alf) Argent    
1979/80 V7   7-Mar-1980 to 18-Mar-1980   Alfred (Alf) Argent    
1980/81 V6   14-Jan-1981 to 17-Feb-1981   Ian Edward Balfour Holmes    
1981/82 V5   12-Jan-1982 to 14-Feb-1982   Andrew Jackson