Antarctic Taxa

all Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 77° 56' 00.0" S Longitude 163° 47' 00.0" E )

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Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name Observations
Achnanthes parvula Kitzing 1844 Observations
Achnanthes sp. Observations
Achnanthes taylorensis Kellogg et Kellogg in Kellogg et al. 1980 Observations
Actinocyclus ingens Observations
Alloptes stercorarii Dubinin 1952 Mite Observations
Amphora delicatissima Krasske 1930 Observations
Anabaena aequalis Borge 1906 Observations
Anabaena cylindrica Lemmermann 1896 Observations
Anabaena sp. Observations
Aphanocapsa sp. Observations
Aphanothece nidulans Richter 1884/? Observations
Aphanothece sp. Observations
Arthrospira sp. Observations
Aspicilia glacialis Observations
Aspicilia sp. Observations
Asterococcus sp. Observations
Binuclearia sp. Observations
Binuclearia tatrana Wittrock 1886 Observations
Binuclearia tectorum (Kitzing) Beger in Wichmann 1937 Observations
Brachiomonas sp. Observations
Brachiomonas submarina Bohlin Observations
Bracteacoccus sp. Observations
Bryum argenteum Hedw. Observations
Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn., Meyer & Scherb. Observations
Bryum sp. Observations
Bryum subrotundifolium Jaeger Observations
Bryum urbanskyi Broth. Observations
Buellia darbishirei M. Lamb Observations
Buellia frigida Darb. Observations
Buellia pallida Dodge & Baker Observations
Buellia papillata (Sommerf.) Tuck Observations
Caloneis sp. Observations
Caloplaca citrina (Hoffm.) Th.Fr. Observations
Caloplaca schofieldi Dodge Observations
Caloplaca sp. Observations
Calothrix braunii Bornet et Flahault 1886 Observations
Calothrix intricata Fritsch 1912/? Observations
Calothrix parietina Thuret 1875/? Observations
Calothrix sp. Observations
Candelaria murrayi Poelt Observations
Candelariella flava (CW Dodge & Baker) Castello & Nimis Observations
Candelariella vitellina (Hoffm.) Müll. Arg. Observations
Carbonea capsulata Observations
Carbonea vorticosa (Fl¿rke) Hertel Observations
Cephalodella sp. Observations
Ceratodon purpureus Dixon, 1914 Observations
Chamaesiphon fuscus (Rostafinski) Hansgirg 1888 Observations
Chamaesiphon subglobosus (Rostafinski) Lemm. Observations
Characiochloris characioides (Korshikoff) Pascher 1927 Observations
Chlamydomonas acuta Korschikoff in Pascher 1927 Observations
Chlamydomonas debaryana Goroschankin 1891/? Observations
Chlamydomonas globosa Snow 1902 Observations
Chlamydomonas intermedia Chodat Observations
Chlamydomonas mutabilis Gerloff 1940/? Observations
Chlamydomonas sp. Observations
Chlamydomonas subcaudata Wille Observations
Chlorella bacteroidea Hortobagy 1941 Observations
Chlorella miniata (Nõgeli) Oltmans 1904/? Observations
Chlorella sp. Observations
Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck 1890/? Observations
Chlorococcum sp. Observations
Chloromonas alpina Wille 1903 Observations
Chloromonas sp. Observations
Chlorosarcina consociata (Klebs) G.M. Smith Observations
Chlorosarcina sp. Observations
Chromulina sp. Observations
Chroococcidiopsis sp. Observations
Chroococcus minutus (Kitz.) N¿g. Observations
Chroococcus sp. Observations
Coccomyxa sp. Observations
Collema sp. Observations
Collodyction sp. Observations
Collotheca ornata Observations
Crinalium glaciale Broady et Kibblewhite 1991 Observations
Crinalium glaciale var. helicoides Broady et Kibblewhite 1991 Observations
Crithionina delacai Observations
Cryptomonas sp. Observations
Cryptomonas sp./? Observations
Cryptomonas undulata Gervais 1977/? Observations
Cyclotella glomerata Bachmann 1911 Observations
Cyclotella sp. Observations
Cyclotella stelligera (Cleve & Grunow) Van Heurck Observations
Cylindrocystis brebissonii (Menegh.) de Bary Observations
Cymbella sp. Observations
Dactylococcopsis antarctica Fritsch 1912/? Observations
Dactylococcopsis irregularis G.M. Smith 1922 Observations
Dactylococcopsis sp. Observations
Denticula hustedtii Simonsen et Kanaya 1961 Observations
Diadesmis sp. Observations
Didymodon sp. Observations
Dinobryon sp. Observations
Dinobryon sp./? Observations
Diploneis oblongella (Nõgeli in Kitzing) Cleve-Euler 1922/? Observations
Eucapsis alpina Clements et Shantz 1909 Observations
Eudorylaimus antarcticus (Steiner, 1916) Yeates, 1970 Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Euglena sp. Observations
Fragilaria bicapitata A. Mayen 1917 Observations
Fragilariopsis sp. Observations
Furcilia lobosa Stokes 1890 Observations
Glenodinium sp. Observations
Gloeocapsa alpina (Nõgeli) emend. Brand 1900 Observations
Gloeocapsa k³tzingiana Nõgeli 1849/? Observations
Gloeocapsa ralfsiana (Harvey) Kitzing 1845-69/? Observations
Gloeocapsa sp. Observations
Gloeocapsa sp./? Observations
Gloeochrysis pyrenigera Pascher 1925 Observations
Gloeocystis vesiculosa Nõgeli 1849 Observations
Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni Springtail Observations
Grimmia antarctici Cardot Observations
Gymnodinium sp. Observations
Hantzschia amphioxys var. amphioxys f. capitata O. M³ller 1909 Observations
Hantzschia sp. Observations
Hantzschia virgata (Roper) Grunow Observations
Hennediella heimii (Hedwig) RH Zander Observations
Heterococcus moniliformis Vischer 1937 Observations
Heterococcus protonematoides Vischer 1945 Observations
Hymenelia glacialis (Dodge) Ovst. Observations
Iialteria sp. Observations
Intrastylum sp. Observations
Katodinium sp. Observations
Kentrosphaera sp. Observations
Lecanora cf. mons-nivis Darb. Observations
Lecanora expectans Darb. Observations
Lecanora mawsoni Dodge Observations
Lecanora mons-nivis Darb. Observations
Lecanora sp. Observations
Lecidea byrdii Dodge & Baker Observations
Lecidea cancriformis CW Dodge & GE Baker Observations
Lecidea cf. andersonii Filson Observations
Lecidea harrissoni Dodge Observations
Lecidea siplei Observations
Lecidea sp. Observations
Lecidella sp. Observations
Leproloma cacuminum (Massal.) Laundon Observations
Leptolyngbya sp. Observations
Lichen sp. Observations
Luticola gaussi (Heiden in Heiden et Kolbe) D.G. Mann in Round et Observations
Luticola murrayi (W. et G.S. West) D.G. Mann in Round et al. 1990/? Observations
Luticola mutica (Kitzing) D.G. Mann in Round et al. 1990/? Observations
Luticola paramutica (Bock) D.G. Mann in Round et al. 1990 Observations
Luticola sp. Observations
Lyngbya sp. Observations
Mallomonas sp. Observations
Melosira charcotii M. Peragallo 1921 Observations
Melosira sp. Observations
Microcoleus chthonoplastes Thuret 1875 Observations
Microcoleus paludosus var. acuminatus Gardner 1927 Observations
Microcoleus sp. Observations
Microcoleus vaginatus (Vaucher) Gomont 1890 Observations
Microcystis stagnalis Lemmermann 1903 Observations
Monodus coccomyxa Pascher 1939 Observations
Muelleria sp. Observations
Nanorchestes antarcticus Strandtmann. 1963 Mite Observations
Nanorchestes bellus Strandtmann & Somme, 1977 Observations
Nanorchestes lalae Strandtmann 1982 Observations
Nassula sp. Observations
Navicula airdevronsixii Kellogg et Kellogg in Kellogg et al. 1980 Observations
Navicula deltaica Kellogg et Kellogg in Kellogg et al. 1980 Observations
Navicula gregaria Donkin 1861/? Observations
Navicula litos Hohn et Hellerman 1963 Observations
Navicula papilio Kellogg et Kellogg in Kellogg et al. 1980 Observations
Navicula rhynchocephala var. amphiceros (Kitzing) Grunow in Van Heurck 1880-1885 Observations
Navicula slesvicensis Grunow in Van Heurck 1880-1885 Observations
Navicula sp. Observations
Nitzschia antarctica Okuno 1954/? Observations
Nitzschia sp. Observations
Nodularia harveyana Thuret Observations
Nostoc commune Observations
Nostoc fuscescens Fritsch 1912 Observations
Nostoc longstaffi Fritsch 1912 Observations
Nostoc piscinale Kitzing 1843 Observations
Nostoc punctiforme (Kitzing) Hariot 1891/? Observations
Nostoc sp. Observations
Nostoc sphaericum Vaucher 1803/? Observations
Ochromonas minuscula Conrad 1930/? Observations
Ochromonas nannos Skuja Observations
Ochromonas sp. Observations
Oestrupia zachariasi (Reichelt) Hustedt 1950 Observations
Oligochaetophora simplex G.S. West 1911 Observations
Omphalodina siplei Observations
Oocystis sp. Observations
Oscillatoria anguina (Bory) Gomont 1892/? Observations
Oscillatoria limnetica Lemmermann 1900 Observations
Oscillatoria limosa Agardh 1812 Observations
Oscillatoria sancta West & West Observations
Oscillatoria sp. Observations
Philodina spp. Observations
Phormidium corium Gomont 1890/? Observations
Phormidium crouani Gomont 1892 Observations
Phormidium priestleyi Fritsch Observations
Phormidium sp. Observations
Phormidium sp./? Observations
Phormidium uncinatum Gomont 1890 Observations
Physcia caesia (Hoffm.) F¿rnr. Observations
Physcia dubia (Hoffm.) Lynge Observations
Pinnularia quadratarea var. constricta Schmidt Observations
Plectonema sp. Observations
Plectus antarcticus de Man, 1904 Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Plectus frigophilus Kiryanova, 1958 Unsegmented roundworm Observations
Plectus murrayi Yeates, 1970 Observations
Plectus sp. Observations
Pleurosigma sp. Observations
Polysporina frigida Kantvilas & Seppelt Observations
Polytomella sp. Observations
Porphyrosiphon notarisii Kitzing ex Gomont 1892 Observations
Pottia heimii Observations
Prasinochloris sessilis Belcher 1966/? Observations
Prasiococcus calcarius (Petersen) Vischer Observations
Prasiola calophylla (Carmichel) Menegh. Observations
Prasiola crispa (Lightf.) Menegh. Observations
Prasiola crispa subsp. antarctica (Kitzing) Knebel 1936 Observations
Prasiola sp. Observations
Pseudococcomyxa simplex (Mainx) Fott Observations
Pseudokephyrion schilleri (Schiller) Conrad Observations
Ptychostomum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) J.R.Spence & H.P.Ramsay Observations
Pyramimonas sp. Observations
Raphidonema nivale Lagerh. Observations
Rhabdoderma minima Lemmermann 1908 Observations
Rhabdogloea ellipsoidea Schr÷der 1917 Observations
Rhizocarpon geminatum Korb. Observations
Rhizopcarpon flavum Observations
Rhizopcarpon schofieldii Observations
Rhizoplaca melanophthalma (DC.) Leuckert & Poelt Observations
Rhizoplaca priestleyi Observations
Rhizoplaca sp. Observations
Rinodina olivaceobrunnea Dodge & Baker Observations
Rinodina sordida Dodge & Baker Observations
Rinodina sp. Observations
Sarcogyne angulosa Observations
Sarcogyne privigna Observations
Sarcogyne sp. Observations
Sarconeurum glaciale (C. Müll.) Card. & Bryhn Observations
Schizothrix antarctica Fritsch 1917/? Observations
Schizothrix calcicola (Agardh) Gomont 1892 Observations
Schizothrix lacustris A. Braun in Kitzing 1849 Observations
Schizothrix sp. Observations
Scottnema lindsayae Timm, 1971 Observations
Scytonema sp. Observations
Spirulina sp. Observations
Spongiococcum sp./? Observations
Stauroforma inermis Flowers, Jones et Round 1996 Observations
Stauroneis sp. Observations
Stereotydeus mollis Observations
Stereotydeus mollis Womersley & Strandtmann Mite Observations
Stichococcus bacillaris Nõgeli 1849 Observations
Synechococcus aeruginosus Nõgeli 1849/? Observations
Synechococcus sp. Observations
Synedra sp. Observations
Syntrichia sarconeurum Ochyra & R.H. Zander Observations
Tabellaria fenestrata (Lyngbye) Kitzing 1844 Observations
Tetracystis sp. Observations
Thalassiosira torokina Brady 1977 Observations
Tribonema elegans Pascher 1925 Observations
Tribonema sp. Observations
Tropidoneis laevissima W. et G.S. West 1911 Observations
Tydeus setsukoae Mite Observations
Umbilicaria aprina Nyl. Observations
Unknown sp. Water bear Observations
Unknown sp. Free-living flatworm Observations
Xanthoria elegans (Link) Th. Fr. Observations
Xanthoria mawsonii Dodge Observations

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