Marine Science Voyage

List of AAD Marine Science Voyages - recent first and sorted by season and voyage.

Any with blank descriptions, please send in a request to get it updated.

Voyage Cruise Name Ship
2012/13 VMS SIPEX II   Sea Ice Physics Experiment   Aurora Australis
2011/12 VTrials     Aurora Australis
2010/11 VMS   Voyage Marine Science   Aurora Australis
2009/10 VY1 AWE   Australia-New Zealand Antarctic Whale Expedition   Tangaroa
2009/10 V2     Aurora Australis
2007/08 V6 CASO   Climate of Southern Ocean   Aurora Australis
2007/08 V3 CEAMARC/CASO   Collaborative East Antarctic Marine Census / Climate of Southern Ocean   Aurora Australis
2007/08 V1 SIPEX   Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystems eXperiment   Aurora Australis
2006/07 V3 SAZ-SENSE   Sub-Antarctic Zone - Sensitivity to Environmental Change   Aurora Australis
2005/06 V3 BROKE-West   Baseline Research on Oceanography, Krill and the Environment - West   Aurora Australis
2004/05 V3 ORCKA   Oceanographic Research CLIVAR-195, Kerguelen and the Antarctic   Aurora Australis
2004/05 V1     Aurora Australis
2003/04 V4 HIPPIES   Heard Island Predator Prey Investigation and Ecosystem Study   Aurora Australis
2003/04 V1 ARISE   Antarctic Remote Ice Sensing Experiment   Aurora Australis
2002/03 V4 KAOS   Krill Acoustics Oceanographic Survey   Aurora Australis
2002/03 V1     Aurora Australis
2001/02 V7 LOSS   named after losing a CTD off the Amery   Aurora Australis
2001/02 V3 CLIVAR   Climate Variability   Aurora Australis
2000/01 V6 KACTAS   Krill Availability, Community Trophodynamics and AMISOR Surveys   Aurora Australis
1999/2000 V5.1     Tangaroa
1999/2000 V1 IDIOTS   In Depth Investigation Of The Seaice   Aurora Australis
1999/2000      RV Nathaniel B. Palmer
1998/99 V4 SEXY II   Seal Expedition over Xmas and Yuletide II   Aurora Australis
1998/99 V1 FIRE and ICE   F** Its a Real Emergency ! & I can't email   Aurora Australis
1997/98 V7 PICCIES     Aurora Australis
1997/98 V6 SNARK   from Lewis Carroll   Aurora Australis
1997/98 V4 SEXY   Seal Expedition over Xmas and Yuletide I   Aurora Australis
1997/98 V2 ON-ICE     Aurora Australis
1997/98 V1 WANDER   Without Aurora's Normal Displays we Embark Regardless   Aurora Australis
1996/97 V5 BRAD   Benthic Rocks and Drilling   Aurora Australis
1996/97 V2 LIMP     Aurora Australis
1996/97 V1 WASTE   WOCE Antarctic Southern Transect Expedition   Aurora Australis
1995/96 V4 BROKE   Baseline Research on Oceanography, Krill and the Environment   Aurora Australis
1995/96 V1 ABSTAIN   A Brave Science Trip Amidst Ice at Night   Aurora Australis
1994/95 WOCE-IO8S     RV Knorr
1994/95 V6 BANGSS   Big ANtarctic Geological and Seismic Survey   Aurora Australis
1994/95 V4 WOCET   World Ocean Circulation Experiment Transect   Aurora Australis
1994/95 V3 MIRTH   Macquarie Island Resupply ?   Aurora Australis
1994/95 V1 BESET   Bain's Expedition Seriously Evading Tasmania   Aurora Australis
1993/94 V7 SHAM     Aurora Australis
1993/94 V1 THIRST   Third Heard Island Research Survey Trip   Aurora Australis
1992/93 V9.1 WORSE   Wildlife Oceanography Retry Survey of Ecosystem   Aurora Australis
1992/93 V9 WOES   Wildlife Oceanography Ecosystem Survey   Aurora Australis
1992/93 V7 KROCK   Krill and Rocks   Aurora Australis
1991/92 V6 FISHOG   Fish and Oceanography   Aurora Australis
1991/92 V1 WOCE91   World Ocean Circulation Experiment 1991   Aurora Australis
1990/91 V6 AAMBER2   Australian Antarctic Marine Biological Ecosystem Research II   Aurora Australis
1989/90 V7.2 HIMS   Heard Island Marine Science   Aurora Australis
1986/87 V7 AAMBER   Australian Antarctic Marine Biological Ecosystem Research   MS Nella Dan
1985/86 V1 ADBEX3   Antarctic Division BIOMASS Experiment III   MS Nella Dan
1984/85 V5 SIBEX2   Second International BIOMASS Expedition Phase II   MS Nella Dan
1984/85 AFS SIBEX II   Second International BIOMASS Expedition Phase II   RV Africana
1983/84 V5 ADBEX2   Antarctic Division BIOMASS Experiment II   MS Nella Dan
1983/84 RSA SIBEX I   Second International BIOMASS Expedition Phase I   MV S.A. Agulhas
1982/83 V2 ADBEX1   Antarctic Division BIOMASS Experiment I   MS Nella Dan
1981/82 V4 GEOSCI   Geoscience   MS Nella Dan
1980/81 V5 FIBEX   First International BIOMASS Experiment   MS Nella Dan