Antarctic Taxa

all Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 67° 27' 14.0" S Longitude 60° 53' 00.0" E )

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Any species that are protected are indicated by a *

Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name   Observations
Acarospora gwynnii Observations
Actinocyclus actinochilus (Ehrenb.) Simonsen, 1982 Observations
Alexandrium tamarense (Lebour) Balech, 1995 Observations
Aptenodytes forsteri Gray, 1844 Emperor Penguin Observations
Asteromphalus sp. Observations
Bacidia fibrosa Lamb Observations
Balaenoptera acutorostrata Laciphde,1804 Minke Whale * Observations
Balaenoptera bonaerensis Burmeister, 1867 Antarctic Minke Whale, Dark-shoulder Minke Whale * Observations
Balaenoptera musculus (Linnaeus,1758) Blue Whale * Observations
Beroe sp. Observations
Biatorella cerebriformis Observations
Bicosta antennigera Moestrup, 1979 Observations
Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn., Meyer & Scherb. Observations
Bryum sp. Observations
Buellia cf. lignoides Filson Observations
Buellia frigida Darb. Observations
Buellia grimmiae Filson Observations
Buellia sp. Observations
Calanoides acutus (Giesbrecht,1902) Observations
Calanus propinquus Brady,1883 Observations
Caloplaca athallina Darb. Observations
Caloplaca cf. citrina (Hoffm.) Th.Fr. Observations
Calycopsis borchgrevinki (Browne, 1910) Observations
Calycopsis borchgrewinki (Browne, 1910) Observations
Candelariella flava (CW Dodge & Baker) Castello & Nimis Observations
Catharacta maccormicki (Saunders,1893) South Polar Skua Observations
Catillaria cremea Dodge & Baker Observations
Chaetoceros criophilus Castrac. (Castracane, 1886) Observations
Chaetoceros curvatus Castrac. (Castracane, 1886) Observations
Chaetoceros dichaeta Ehrenb. (Ehrenberg, 1844) Observations
Chaetoceros hendeyi Manguin, 1960 Observations
Chaetoceros neglectus Karst. (Karsten, 1905) Observations
Chaetoceros simplex Ostenf, 1901 Observations
Chaetoceros sp. Observations
Cibicides refulgens Montfort, 1808 Observations
Clio pyramidata Linnaeus,1767 Observations
Clione antarctica Observations
Corethron pennatum (Grunow) Ostenf., 1903 Observations
Corethron sp. Observations
Coscinodon lawianus (Willis) Ochyra Observations
Ctenocalanus citer Heron and Bowmen, 1971 Observations
Cylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenb.) Reimann & Lewin, 1964 Observations
Cyllopus lucasii Bate,1862 Observations
Daption capense (Linnaeus,1758) Cape Petrel Observations
Dictyocha speculum Ehrenb., 1837 Observations
Ehrenbergina glabra Heron-Allen & Earland, 1922 Observations
Entomoneis paludosa var. hyperborea W. Sm. Observations
Eucampia antarctica (Castracane) Mangin Observations
Euchaeta antarctica Giesbrecht, 1902 Observations
Euchirella rostramagna Observations
Euchirella rostromagna Wolfenden, 1905 Observations
Eukrohnia hamata (Möbius, 1875) Observations
Euphausia crystallorophias Holt and Tattersall, 1906 Observations
Euphausia superba Dana, 1852 krill Observations
Fragilariopsis curta (van Heurck) Hust., 1958 Observations
Fragilariopsis cylindrus (Grunow) Willi Krieg., 1954 Observations
Fragilariopsis kerguelensis (O'Meara) Hust., 1952 Observations
Fragilariopsis pseudonana (Hasle) Hasle, 1993 Observations
Fragilariopsis sp. Observations
Fulmarus glacialoides (Smith,1840) Southern Fulmar Observations
Geminella terricola Boye-Petersen 1932 Observations
Globocassidulina crassa d'Orbigny, 1839 Observations
Globoppia maior Hammer, 1962 Observations
Grimmia lawiana Observations
Guinardia tubiformis (Hasle) Hasle Observations
Gymnodinium sp. Observations
Gyrodinium glaciale Hada, 1970 Observations
Gyrodinium sp. Observations
Haloptilus oxycephalus (Giesbrecht,1889) Observations
Haslea trompii (Cleve) Simonsen, 1974 Observations
Hennediella heimii (Hedwig) RH Zander Observations
Heppia antarctica Dodge Observations
Heterococcus pleurococcoides Pitschmann 1963 Observations
Heterorhabdus austrinus Giesbrecht,1902 Observations
Hydrurga leptonyx (Blainville,1820) Leopard Seal * Observations
Hyperia macrocephala (Dana, 1853) Observations
Hyperiella dilatata Stebbing,1888 Observations
Hyperoche sp. Observations
Ihlea racovitzai (Van Beneden & Selys Longchamp, 1913) Observations
Koellikerina maasi (Browne, 1910) Observations
Lecanora expectans Darb. Observations
Lecidea andersonii Observations
Lecidea cancriformis CW Dodge & GE Baker Observations
Lecidea sp. Observations
Lecidea stancliffi Dodge & Baker Observations
Limacina helicina (Dadon, 1989) Observations
Limacina sp. Observations
Macronectes giganteus Gmelin,1789 Southern Giant Petrel * Observations
Megaptera novaeangliae (Borowski,1781) Humpback Whale * Observations
Metridia gerlachei Giesbrecht, 1902 Observations
Metridia lucens Boeck, 1864 Observations
Microcalanus pygmaeus (G. O. Sars, 1900) Observations
Miliammina sp. Observations
Nanorchestes bellus Strandtmann & Somme, 1977 Observations
Nostoc commune Observations
Nostoc sp. Observations
Oceanites oceanicus (Kuhl,1820) Wilson's Storm Petrel Observations
Oikopleura sp. Observations
Oithona frigida (Giesgrecht, 1902) Observations
Oithona similis Claus, 1866 Observations
Oncaea curvata Giesbrecht, 1902 Observations
Orcinus orca Linnaeus,1758 Killer Whale * Observations
Oxytoxum criophilum Balech, in Balech & El-Sayed, 1965 Observations
Oxytoxum sp. Observations
Pagodroma nivea (Forster,1777) Snow Petrel Observations
Paraeuchaeta antarctica (Giesbrecht, 1902) Observations
Parmelia leucoblephara Dodge & Baker Observations
Phalacrophorus pictus Greeff 1879 Observations
Phoebetria palpebrata Forster,1785 Light-mantled Sooty Albatross * Observations
Physcia caesia (Hoffm.) F¿rnr. Observations
Physeter macrocephalus Linnaeus,1758 Sperm Whale * Observations
Pleopsidium chlorophanum (Wahlenb.) Observations
Pleurobrachia pileus (O.F. Muller 1776) Observations
Polarella sp. Observations
Prasiococcus calcarius (Petersen) Vischer Observations
Prasiola crispa subsp. antarctica (Kitzing) Knebel 1936 Observations
Primno macropa Guerin-Meneville, 1836 Observations
Proboscia alata (Brightw.) Sundstr¿m, 1986 Observations
Procellaria aequinoctialis Linnaeus,1758 White-chinned Petrel * Observations
Protoperidinium antarcticum (Schimp. ex. Karst.) Balech, 1973 Observations
Pseudephebe miniscula (Nyl. ex Arnold) Brodo & Hawksw. Observations
Pseudephebe minuscula (Nyl. ex Arnold) Brodo & Hawksw. Observations
Pseudonitzschia heimii Manguin, 1957 Observations
Pseudonitzschia sp. Observations
Pseudonitzschia subcurvata (Hasle) Fryxnell, 1993 Observations
Pterosperma parallelum Gaarder, 1938 Observations
Ptychostomum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) J.R.Spence & H.P.Ramsay Observations
Pygoscelis adeliae (Hombron and Jacquinot,1841) Adelie Penguin Observations
Raphidonema pyrenoidifera var. elongata Broady 1982 Observations
Rhincalanus gigas Brady, 1883 Observations
Rhizocarpon flavum f. subfoliosum Dodge & Baker; Filson Observations
Rhizocarpon superficiale (Schaer.) Vain. Observations
Rhizopcarpon flavum Observations
Rhizoplaca melanophthalma (DC.) Leuckert & Poelt Observations
Rhynchonereella petersii (Langerhans 1880) Observations
Rinodina olivaceobrunnea Dodge & Baker Observations
Sagitta gazellae Ritter-Zahony 1909 Observations
Sagitta marri David 1956 Observations
Salpa thompsoni Foxton 1961 Observations
Schistidium antarctici (Card.) L. Savic. & Smirn. Observations
Scolecithricella minor (Brady,1883) Observations
Sphaerocystis oleifera var. antarctica Observations
Spongiobranchaea australis d'Orbigny, 1836 Observations
Stephos longipes (Giesbrecht, 1902) Observations
Sterna paradisaea Pontoppidan,1763 Arctic Tern * Observations
Thalassiosira antarctica Comber Observations
Thalassiosira frenguelliopsis Fyxnell & Johans. Observations
Thalassiosira sp. Observations
Thalassoica antarctica (Gmelin,1789) Antarctic Petrel Observations
Thysanoessa macrura G.O Sars, 1883 Observations
Tomopteris carpenteri Quatrefages 1865 Observations
Tomopteris cavallii Rosa 1907 Observations
Tomopteris septentrionalis Steenstrup 1849 Observations
Tomopteris sp. Observations
Toninia johnstoni Observations
Trichotoxon reinboldii (van Heurck) Reid & Round, 1987 Observations
Trochammina antarctica Parr Observations
Umbilicaria aprina Nyl. Observations
Umbilicaria decussata (Vill.) Zahlbr. Observations
Usnea acromelana Stirt. Observations
Usnea antarctica Du Rietz. Observations
Usnea sphacelata R. Br. Observations
Vanadis antarctica (McIntosh 1885) Observations
Vanadis longissima (Levinsen 1885) Observations
Vibilia sp. Observations
Xanthoria elegans (Link) Th. Fr. Observations
Xanthoria mawsonii Dodge Observations

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